Amino Acid Therapy

Nutrition and Targeted Amino Acids are The Missing Piece to your Recovery Program!

Quit Alcohol and Other Substances, Now!

Nutrition and the use of targeted amino acids and other nutrients can help you quit alcohol, sugar or other substances for good! I offer three levels of support: self-paced, semi-guided and fully guided amino acid and nutritional therapy. All my services are 100% private and HIPAA-protected.




30 Minute Consultation Call
Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Use Amino Acids
Instructional Video, Tools and Worksheets
5x HIPAA Protected Private Messages
Nutrition for Recovery: Eat Real Food Plan
Community Support and Unlimited Questions in Closed FB Group
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All items from Self-Paced
Coached Amino Acid Trialing
3 x 45-minute One-on-One Sessions
Unlimited HIPAA Protected Private Messages for Daily Accountability
Shared Document for Tracking Mood
Guidance on Creating Your Unique Supplement Schedule
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Fully Guided


All items from Self-Paced and Semi-Guided
1x 60-minute Health History Intake
4 x 45-minute 1:1 sessions
Personalized Nutrition Program
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Which Program is Right for Me?

The Self-Guided program is for people who are adept at reading and understanding instructions and implementing with little to no hand-holding and are comfortable with asking questions in a group.

The Semi-Guided program is for people who want personalized help going through the course. It includes 3- :45 one on one calls for guidance, accountability, personal protocol, adjustments and access to me 24/7 via secure messenger plus group support.

The Fully Guided program is best for those with complicated health history and/or several diagnoses. Includes Individualized Nutrition Plan and Food/Mood Journaling. A 60 minute health history and intake plus 4 - 1:1 follow up sessions are included.

You Are Unique - Your supplement dosing should also be unique!

Amino Acid Therapy refers to the use of a symptom-based chart, created by Julia Ross, to determine where your brain may be chemically imbalanced. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers in your brain responsible for emotional stability, mood, sleep, coping mechanisms and more.  There are specific amino acid supplements that target each neurotransmitter system. A simple biofeedback "trialing" method can be used to discover your unique biochemical dose. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to dosing, however there ARE predictable amino acid supplements that will work nearly 80% of the time for symptoms. When your symptoms are gone, cravings for food, alcohol, sugar or other drugs are also eliminated, because the symptoms were driving the cravings. 

Amino acid supplements can stop your cravings! 

Simply put: If you drink alcohol or eat when you're stressed, that may mean a depletion of the GABA system. So if you’re using alcohol to relieve your stress, you can try the amino acids GABA or L-Theanine. In the right dose, these amino acids can eliminate the feeling of stress… so you won’t need to use alcohol for that symptom anymore. Feel free to replace the word alcohol with “sugar”, “shopping”, “food”, or any substance or behavior you use to self-medicate. 

One of the most beautiful things about amino acids is that they work RIGHT AWAY! You will not have to wait weeks or months to know if you’re using the right amino acid. The effects are immediately evident. On average, people take amino acids from 2 - 12 months, mostly because it takes a while to get the right dosing, timing and combo.  All data is good data!

If you can’t find any relief after trialing all of the amino acid options in each category, that means there's more going on and we need to take a deeper look "under the hood". I can recommend specific Functional Medicine testing to see if gut health, toxins, parasites, adrenal fatigue, MTHFR or other issues are causing the aminos not to work.


What to Expect:

  1. Use The Craving Type Questionnaire and/or the Amino Acid Therapy Chart to determine which neurotransmitter systems are depleted by ranking your symptoms 0-10.
  2. Cross reference any conditions / disease and medications or supplements you’re taking to determine what to use and what to avoid. (Example: Trial 5HTP and/or Tryptophan 6 hours apart from SSRI)
  3. Receive your Amino Acid Therapy Trialing Kit or Amino Acid Supplement order in the mail.
  4. Trial amino acids for your symptoms/cravings, starting at the lowest recommended dose and building every 10 minutes until you feel a positive mood shift / energy / calm, etc.
  5. AT ANY TIME - Book your 30 minute one-on-one call to discuss trialing results
  6. Put togeteher a dosing schedule based on response.
  7. Chart your progress weekly.
  8. Make adjustments based on symptom resolution.
  9. Enjoy your symptom and craving-free life!

Questions? Book a  FREE DISCOVERY CALL to discuss options! 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and don't diagnose, cure or treat any disease.  Please always check with your MD.  Severe life threatening symptoms can occur from sudden withdrawal.  

Proud partner of She Recovers ® Friends of the Foundation.

For each program purchased I will donate 5% to this amazing organization that helps empower women to recover from behavioral health issues and other life challenges. More information about She Recovers ® and their Intentions and Guiding Principles can be found HERE.

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