Eat Real Food Course

Lose Weight and Feel Great in 28 Days! APRIL 28th - May 26


What you eat feeds your BRAIN, not just your body! Anything you're struggling with can be made better with proper nutrition.

In this easy-to-follow program, you are given unlimited food choices including organic meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, grains and even dairy, if tolerable.   The "off-limits" food is not food. It's what I call "fake food". This is not a restrictive eating plan because you can eat any food that is real food!


Fake Food: Processed Foods / Added Sugar / Artificial Sweetener / Alcohol

Real Food: Everything else!

 Your taste buds will change over this 28-day plan and you will no longer enjoy the fake food that used to tempt you! Once you experience how good you can feel, you'll never go back!

What’s included in the Eat Real Food Program?

  • Comprehensive, updated Eat Real Food Program Guide (e-Book)
  • Meal Planning Tips to help you put together simple, healthy meals  
  • Brand New Recipe Book for breakfast, lunch, dinner and side-dishes
  • Sample 28 Day Meal Plan with Recipes
  • Grocery Shopping Guide to help you easily navigate healthy food choices at the store
  • Members-Only Private FB Support Group so you can get extra tips, accountability, and motivation
  • HIPAA protected software portal for your questions 24/7
  • Daily Coaching Support in the private group to help you succeed with each action step and overcome any challenges along the way. 
  • Macro and Calorie Recommendations
  • Individual Food Journal Analysis
  • Weekly Prizes for Participation



W1: Plan for Success! Kitchen and pantry cleanout, Utensil, cookware overhaul, meal planning and grocery shopping

W2: Amino Acids and Supplementation
How to use targeted amino acids to stop cravings and improve your mood! Supplement suggestions for digestion, stress, blood sugar handling, and more

W3: How to Eat for Craving Control
Learn how much protein, healthy fat, and fiber are necessary for craving control and fat loss, and understand the Glycemic index and load!

W4: Optimize your Plan - Gut Health, Immune Support, Adrenal Support and More!
Why gut health is important for optimal physical (and mental) well-being! How to support your immune system naturally. Why adrenal function is crucial to achieving calm and fat loss.

By the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need to maintain a balanced brain and healthy body for life! 


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My protein-packed breakfast recipes!

Eat Real Food

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Download for FREE!

My protein-packed breakfast recipes!