Feed Your Recovery Course

Nutrition is The Missing Piece!

About the FEED YOUR RECOVERY Course:

The 7 Steps

Step 1: Build your Base: Replenish Depleted Vitamins and Minerals

Step 2: Balance Your Brain: Amino Acid Therapy

Step 3: Balance Your Blood Sugar: Check for Hypoglycemia

Step 4: Heal Your Gut

Step 5: Eat Real Food

Step 6: Check for Food Allergies or Sensitivities

Step 7: Move Your Body

Course Description

  • YEAR LONG, Self-Paced Course - You have one full year to complete, starting when you sign up. Go as quickly or slowly as you like!
  • 7 Steps to Build Your Nutritional Foundation with 4+ modules each. Everything you need to know to balance your brain and heal your body from addiction.
  • Printable Worksheets, Videos and Resources to guide you every step of the way.
  • LIVE Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls = 22 LIVE Group Calls that will be recorded, if you can't make it. 
  • Group Coaching Support via Private Messenger in Secure Portal:  Ask questions any time, share success, share files and pictures, enjoy accountability and camaraderie.
  • Monthly Prizes for Engagement and to Celebrate Step Completion!
  • HIPAA Protected Platform for your medical and personal privacy.
  • Complete Anonymity if desired - just use your initials in the group.
  • Payment Plan Available up to 12 months.
  • Scholarship Available
  • Money Back Guarantee 100% money back if you decide this isn't for you, provided you have completed the first 3 Steps in the portal.

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My protein-packed breakfast recipes!

7 Steps to Feed Your Recovery

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Download for FREE!

My protein-packed breakfast recipes!