Fueling for Performance

Learn How To Eat For Peak Performance

Are you confused about what to eat before a workout, or how much time you should wait after eating? Do you know what to eat after hard exercise or events to ensure you have a speedy recovery? Do you think you can eat whatever you want after a workout because you “earned it”?

I can help you understand exactly what you should eat to fuel yourself before, during and after various activities. The amount of food and kind of food varies with intensity, duration and your own bio-individuality.

The Problem

Many people use exercise compensate for eating the wrong foods. This can lead to a dangerous and hard-to-break cycle of eating and then over-exercising, and never really getting fit! The body needs the proper ratios of macronutrients (protein and carbohydrate) before, during and after working out in order to build muscle after breaking it down.

The Solution

Before exercise, the goals are to sustain energy, boost performance and hydrate. During exercise, a person needs to stay hydrated, get immediate fuel, boost performance, preserve muscle mass and improve recovery. Post workout, the goals are to recover, rehydrate, refuel, build muscle mass and improve future performance. Different ratios of macronutrients can achieve all these goals.

Remember, RECOVERY is when you’re getting stronger!!

Let me help you design your meals for peak performance!

Questions? Ask me!

Fueling for Performance


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