Holistic Weight Management

The Struggle is Real

Weight Management is something that is elusive to many. It’s no wonder, as the media peppers us with different fad diets, all claiming the most weight loss in the shortest period of time.

The truth is, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll suddenly find a magic formula that will keep weight off for good. What works is a steady, focused, realistic program that is personalized for your own individuality – your tastes, behaviors, mental state, daily routine; even your heritage and other factors can be addressed. Let me help you cut through all the fluff!

My Approach

There are several areas I look at when working with clients that want to reduce fat: Total toxic load including eliminating potential food allergies, malnutrition, digestive health, mental/behavioral issues and adrenal and/or thyroid conditions. These are among the top reasons why weight loss may be a struggle. We start with an extensive intake and questionnaires. I design a plan that works for YOU and we communicate every step of the way. I am flexible and if something is not working, we correct it right away.

EATING REAL FOOD is something that is so simple, yet we have brainwashed to think there has to be some gimmick or manipulated, altered food products involved for us to look and feel our best. Counting calories is sooo outdated and there are plenty of studies that show that restricting only leads to greater weight gain in the long run!

I love educating my clients on how we have been brainwashed and deceived over the years by the media, advertisers and even our government. If we all simply figured out what we can and can’t eat for our own bio-individuality by eating real food in the right portions, then potentially followed up with an elimination diet to resolve remaining symptoms like bloating, belly fat, brain fog and low energy, most people's weight issues disappear!

It’s really that simple.

Amino Acid Therapy is extremely useful for a weight loss regimen, as it can help with cravings and correcting underlying brain imbalances that may be preventing you from making good decisions. Once your cravings are relieved, you’ll no longer need to reach for foods that are not serving you! Very likely, you’re allergic to the very foods you crave! So, taking them out is the first step to feeling better. I often incorporate Amino Acid Therapy, as we work together towards your goals.

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