Amino Acid Therapy / Sobriety Nutrition

Nutrition is an important but often lacking part of the recovery process!

If you’re struggling to get or stay sober, you’re in the right place! You rely on yourself to make good decisions, yet if the brain is starving, that is impossible. In order to manage stress gracefully, the brain must be fed optimally!  

A targeted nutrition plan, including amino acid (neuro-nutrient) therapy, is THE MISSING PIECE in your program to recover your health and rebalance your brain.

Just as patients with diabetes or heart disease receive nutrition education to manage their diseases, people dealing with substance abuse should have nutrition education that addresses their specific risk factors and increases their chances of recovery!

Let me help you learn how to nourish yourself and correct the damage that may have been done over the years. I can teach you how to eat to diminish cravings for substances, including sugar and cigarettes. No more relapsing! Repair your body and brain with targeted nutrition, and you’ll be on your way to a solid recovery!

How Does it Work?

There are two components: Amino Acid (Neuro-Nutrient) Therapy and a Sobriety Nutrition Program.

Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acid therapy begins with you filling out a questionnaire where you indicate different symptoms you’re experiencing, and what you’ve used now or in the past to feel better. I then identify which neurotransmitter systems are depleted, and suggest targeted amino acids to re-balance the brain and relieve those symptoms that may have caused you to self-medicate with alcohol or other substances or habits, like sugar or gambling. Once the deficiency is restored, the cravings will be relieved!

Free form amino acids, which are simply single amino acids available in capsule and powder form, are inexpensive and available at any local whole foods or vitamin  store. Typical clients follow my program for 2 – 12 months. Most people can feel the effects of the aminos immediately! Adjustments can be made with frequency and dosing to arrive at the correct regimine.

Sobriety Nutrition Program

The Sobriety Nutrition Program complements the brain-balancing amino acid program. I teach what foods (macro- and micronutrients) to eat for recovery and at what stage of recovery, timing of meals, serving sizes and more. I provide education on how to restore gut/digestive health, detoxify, lower total toxic load and stabilize blood sugar.

For a more intensive experience, I offer a Personalized Sobriety Nutrition Program with amino acid therapy, and tailor it just for you. This program includes two extra sessions, individualized food plans, recipes, menus and analysis of a daily food-mood log, for more support and accountability.

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Sobriety Nutritional Therapy


One-on-One Amino Acid Therapy + Sobriety Nutrition Program

  • 60 minute intake
  • Two 30 minute follow ups
  • Sobriety Nutrition Program
  • Quick clarification/questions via text/email
  • Lifetime Membership to Closed FB Nutritional Therapy Group

*Does not include price of nutritional supplements

Personalized Sobriety Nutritional Therapy


One-on-One Amino Acid Therapy + Personalized Sobriety Nutrition Program

  • 90 minute intake
  • One 60 minute follow up
  • Three 30 minute follow ups
  • Food-Mood Journal analysis
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Sample menus, recipes, education
  • Quick clarification/questions via text/email
  • Sobriety Nutrition Program
  • Lifetime Membership to Closed FB Nutritional Therapy Group

*Does not include price of nutritional supplements