April 29, 2022
Chris Engen
When we miss a meal or have a very low protein or high sugar meal, our blood sugar levels become dysregulated. To manage blood sugar fluctuations, the pancreas releases adrenaline/cortisol to bring levels back up to normal. This release can feel like anger, anxiety, fear, or dread! It can also feel like a CRAVING for alcohol, sugar or drugs!
It’s imperative to manage blood sugar, especially in recovery, because it not only can prevent cravings but also help balance us emotionally and helps us remember to use our recovery skills.
Research has shown that low blood sugar interferes with the ability to “just say no”! Willpower is not accessible when you are “hangry”. Your brain is literally offline. The logic center is the front brain (prefrontal cortex) and access is lost when blood sugar is low.
The amino acid that helps with blood sugar handling is L-Glutamine.
You can try glutamine starting at 1000 mg between meals, 3-4x a day. In my practice, I have seen clients go up to 5000 mg (5 GRAMS) 3x a day. Additionally, it is imperative to eat at least 15-20 grams of protein every 3-4 hours to get a full panel of amino acids at regular intervals.
I recommend the powder, because once you find your dose (by trialing as I have been discussing!) you may end up at 3-5 grams per dose, and that is a whole lot of capsules!
If you would like more information on how to prevent cravings that lead to relapse into old, addictive patterns, please schedule a free discovery call with me. I am an Advanced Amino Acid Therapist and absolutely can help you relax again!
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