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My Name is Chris

Hi! I’m Chris and I’m here to help you recover your health! Guess what? Everyone is in recovery from something! Nutrition changed my life, and it can change yours too!

Let me help you say goodbye to:

  • Chasing fad diets in search of the magic bullet to get that perfect body….
  • Wondering why you sabotaged yourself … AGAIN….
  • Not knowing why you have bloating, gas or pain after eating certain foods…
  • Struggling with irritability, anxiety or feeling down for no reason …
  • Taking pills for symptoms but never figuring out what the root cause is for your health problems….
  • Working out harder than ever, yet not seeing results in workouts or events...
  • Going out for a run or bike ride and not being able to finish …

I can design a program just for you, where you are eating the right foods to attain your goals!

I take each client’s individuality into consideration as I work with you to get you on track to the best way of eating for your individual biochemistry and lifestyle. I am very empathetic and can relate to almost anything you have been through. Let’s figure out what’s holding you back! Let me help you discover the very best version of YOU.

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Happy Clients

  • Whole New You by Chris has been a tremendously helpful program for both my husband and myself. After working with a Chris I’ve developed a new relationship with food. I feel more energized, sleep better, and have tamed my inner sugar dragon. The program has become a lifestyle that we both love living and eating.

    Laney D.

    Teacher, CPT-NASM

  • Chris has helped me immensely in my recovery journey! Even with working a recovery program, I was sure I was destined to use willpower to fight my cravings forever. I was seeking substances to deal with my anxiety, depression, and insomnia and she addressed those issues so I don’t feel the need to escape myself anymore. She helped me discover the missing components and now my cravings for drinking and marijuana have vanished. No will power needed! I honestly didn’t know I could feel this good in sobriety. I am sleeping better than I ever have and my anxiety & depression have lifted. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I cannot recommend Chris enough. She is empathetic, a great listener, and passionate about her work. If you are in early sobriety or struggling, do yourself a favor and reach out to Chris. It’s so worth it!

    -Kristi S.


  • Chris is an inspiration. I hired her for a 30 day reset plus and it has truly changed my understanding of how to eat in a way to support my health and recovery. I have more energy than I’ve had in years! I now shop the perimeter of the supermarket and have found a joy in taking care of myself with food!

    Diana P.

    Marketing Professional / She Recovers designated Recovery Coach

  • Lots of people THINK they know how to eat “healthy”. Or that they know what they should/shouldn’t be eating to lose weight or get leaner. I certainly thought I did....until I went through Chris’s WHOLE NEW YOU program! I learned SO much and my eczema went away (without those high concentration cortisone creams). I’m also leaner doing HALF the amount of exercise I used to do. Contrary to what most people think, I’m actually leaner (less body fat%) when I’m NOT spending hours of my day doing cardio for Triathlon. So I highly recommend her program to my patients and friends who want to feel and look better!

    Victoria Liu

    Physical Therapist

  • I am doing great. Thanks for checking in. My husband has been following the plan with me and has lost 15lbs! So while I am definitely feeling more energy, mental clarity and bright skin, the benefits of weight loss are rolling off on him! He needed to lose the weight and my commitment to “Whole New You” with your excellent guidance has definitely made it easier for him. Honestly, it has been easier than I expected to stay on track and keep the momentum going. We are keeping food simple but creative and it helps that my son has just gone along with what we eat as well. The whole family is definitely benefiting! I have also been able to get my workouts back on track so feeling balanced, healthy, strong and inspired which is exactly what I was hoping to achieve by joining your group. I will be on the call tonight as well!

    Yannick E

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