It Was Me!

April 21, 2020
Chris Engen
In the movies, when the plane is going down, people unburden themselves with “deathbed” confessions, the secrets they have been carrying around for years. Utterances such as, “I’ve always loved you!”, “I cheated!”, “It was ME who…”, “Remember that time…” are common. Secrets are revealed. True feelings emerge.
Then, as the plane inevitably rights itself, people get scared. “OH NO, I’ve said too much”. The plane touches down, and they uncomfortably walk off, left to navigate the new truth that has been exposed. With an unsteady gait, they walk the in the vulnerability of the revelations that were shared when they thought the world was going to stop turning, and there would be nothing to lose.
COVID-19 is the proverbial plane going down. With the apocalypse near, I’ve felt the need to speak about things that were previously kept hidden. I have decided, more than ever, I want to remove the stigma of addiction, anxiety, depression and other mental health symptoms.

I want everyone to know that If you’re struggling with mental health or addiction, you’re not alone.

Everyone needs coping strategies for tough feelings and emotions. To cope, we need to be biochemically sound. Nutrition and targeted amino acid supplements are extremely effective for healing the conditions that most people are too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss. As the world starts to right itself, I intend to stay in this vulnerability and continue to write and speak about my own struggles and how nutritional therapy was THE missing piece for me to stop the cycle of self-medicating symptoms.
I know anxiety and depression are two conditions that many are struggling with today. These two conditions can drive addiction. If you feel you have tried everything and just can’t seem to get out from under it, I’m here to help! Some people get relief from anxiety, stress, depression and/or lack of energy & focus symptoms the very first day of taking the amino acid supplements!

In combination with a real food diet, amino acids help feed your brain so you can cope with stress.

Everyone is different, so different amino combinations work with different people. There are also precautions that must be taken, for instance, if someone has high blood pressure, it will exclude certain aminos, just as too low blood pressure will do the same. Pharmaceutical meds may also present an exclusion, but usually can be worked around.

The best way to learn more is to set up your intake with me, and we will go through the symptom chart and have a conversation. I can give you my trained recommendation for your unique biochemistry.

After the initial recommendation, you can book calls with me for follow up dosing adjustments or addition of new amino acids. Usually people need just 2-4 further conversations to resolve most symptoms. If the aminos doesn’t work, there’s usually something else going on, in which case we would need to dig deeper and look at gut health, absorption, adrenal health, thyroid function, food allergies and so forth.

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