Nutrition is Self-Care

March 10, 2023
Chris Engen


What a loaded buzzword!

What does it mean to you?

To me, it’s not about getting manicures or facials. To me, self-care is tending to your needs and truth. Self-care is protecting yourself and making sure you’re safe.

If you are used to chaos, this may seem boring initially and throw you off kilter. After all, avoiding risky situations and letting things unfold naturally without trying to control them takes practice!

In other words, a sense of “Calm” may be what you desire, but when you get it, you may not know how to handle it.

If this resonates, you are not alone.

I believe recovering from the past has two parts.

1- Biochemically balancing your brain, using supplements and nutrition.

2- Changing your behavior (you may feel balanced but still not change your actions or make different choices).

Taking tiny steps daily is a sure way to move toward your goals.

Here’s an interesting analogy. When I gained baby weight during each of my pregnancies, I remember someone saying it took 9 months to gain 30 lb., so expect it to take 9 months to lose. That made a lot of sense to me and calmed the urgency to want to be back to how things were RIGHT NOW. To correct what had been done. To ACCEPT that it would take time, maybe as much time as it took to gain the weight.

I read somewhere that your emotional maturity is stunted at the age you began to self-medicate trauma. So if you started doing “the thing” at age 15, and you’re now 35, some part of you is still 15. So if there have been 20 years of doing or thinking things one way, it may take 20 years to completely undo it. That sounds kind of terrifying, that’s a long time! But ACCEPTANCE that it MIGHT take that long to undo everything lifts resistance to change, so it can happen faster. Isn’t it also a calming thought - like, “it’s OK, these things take time”? Also, it’s essential to realize that things most likely WON’T go back to “how they were”. Again, with the pregnancy example. Your body likely won’t be the same. It could be better! It could be worse. Either way, it will probably be different. But staying CALM will help you accept the journey and the ultimate destination.

Remember, achieving OPTIMAL HEALTH has 2 parts:

1- Balancing your brain, using nutrition and targeted supplements
2- Changing your behavior (recognizing choices and avoiding self-sabotaging behaviors)

Eating a Real Food Diet and using Targeted Amino Acids, like GABA, is a great start!

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