March 20, 2020

Fear and uncertainty are breeding stress, anxiety and depression for many. “Unprecedented” is the best word to describe the situation we are collectively experiencing. It’s uncharted territory and I would like to believe we are all navigating our way the best we can. I am fortunate, as my life has

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March 10, 2020
Why Isn't The Produce Section Sold Out?

The Costco shelves are empty. No toilet paper or paper towels to be found for miles. We are being told to wash our hands, use hand sanitizer, fist bump instead of hand shake and avoid large crowds. Of course we need to listen to the WHO and what's being recommended

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February 13, 2020
Love Yourself

February 14 is fast approaching and for many, it’s a much dreaded “Holiday”. I’m sure I speak for men and women alike. Nothing like unmet expectations to ruin what could have otherwise been another pretty day mid-February! I was in a card shop with my 14-year old daughter the other

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